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The ASRG met at IETF 72 in Dublin.

ASRG Session (1 hour) Wednesday afternoon session II, 1510-1610

  • Review DNSBL RFC

We agreed to make the never-to-appear test entry in domain based BLS INVALID rather than TEST. Suggestion to take out localpart.domain mapped email addresses which aren't widely used and are potentially messy due if localparts contain unusual characters.

We didn't resolve the question of IPv6 test entries, maybe will reserve some new addresses, or use the mapped IPv4 addresses. We will look for some v6 experts for advice and also to review the draft.

  • Final look at DNSBL BCP. Should be last call, only editorial nits since last time.

Current content is OK per consensus. Some suggestions that it should also give advice to receivers, e.g., check regularly to ensure lists are still active and don't use the ones that aren't.

It might make sense to do this as a separate document rather than delay the existing one, or it might be better to have one BCP to hand out, even if it takes another month or two to finish it.

  • Review the modest progress on the anti-spam technique wiki

We have some volunteers: Leif Johannsen Tim Hunter Jorgen Eriksson Barry Leiba

  • AOB

We discussed the ARF (Abuse Reporting Format) draft, agreed that since it primarily documents existing practice, no point to running it through the ASRG.

Barry Leiba will run an informal ASRG session at the CEAS conference later this month to spread the word and perhaps get more active members. Goal is to have an ASRG paper for the 2009 CEAS.

The Chair thinks that assertions are interesting and will write a draft about them RSN.

Jabber room transcript