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ASRG met on Tuesday 11 March, and was well attended with about 40 people.

Description of DNSBLs draft

Phill Hallam-Baker will redo the security considerations, John Levine will edit them in, and Alexey Melnikov will act as document shepherd.

BCP for DNSBLs draft

Chris Lewis will produce a freshened version within the next week. Tony Hansen will be document shepherd. We expect some debate before coming to consensus. If we want it to be a BCP, we need to contact the appropriate area director to get that on track.

Assessing anti-spam techniques draft

Limited interest, no current plans.

Taxonomy of anti-spam techniques wiki

Considerable interest, particularly in documenting techniques known not to work, so we have something to which to refer people who reinvent them.

Many people volunteered to write at least one page within the next two weeks, including Randy Gellens, John Levine, Neil Schwartzman, J.D. Falk, Michael O'Reirdan, and Tony Hansen.

We may edit the wiki into a draft intended for an informational RFC, or just leave it on the wiki.